As a selective mute from ages 3 to 5, the brother of a child with special needs, and a dedicated special education teacher, I have experienced first-hand the struggle that students face when not given equitable access to educational prosperity. After graduating from Santa Clara University with degrees in Public Health and Psychology, I joined Teach for America to educate and advocate for students with learning differences in Stockton, California. Seeking greater knowledge to better serve my students and community, I received my Master’s of Arts in Education Policy and Administration, finalizing my research on teacher retention. For the past three years, I have not only taught my students with a focus on equity and inclusion, but also went on to coach new teachers in the Central Valley with the same purpose.

I am running for the Governing School Board of Acalanes to lift up student, family, teacher, and community voices and create a more inclusive community as a whole. I have spent my entire life in the classroom and dedicated my professional career to educating students in a socially conscious and critically thinking environment. I have experienced what it is like when administrations don’t put students first nor give them the resources they need to succeed. With the disruptions of Covid-19 and introduction of distance learning, it’s even easier for students to get lost in the noise. Distance learning has exacerbated many of the inequities that were experienced while teaching was conducted in-person and now more than ever we need to come together and re-envision the way that our educational institution can be equitable for ALL.

As an educator in Stockton, I see the importance for diversity within the classroom (both through culturally responsive curriculum and diverse educators) and the need for our scholars to have a diverse array of stakeholders investing in their futures. It is essential for our student’s success in an ever-evolving world that diversity and community are used in tandem. Clearly distance learning has been challenging for all and it will continue to present new challenges as we traverse these uncertain times together. This is why, now more than ever, we need to make sure our policies remain student-centered and we ensure that equity is and stays at the forefront of our district's priorities.

Christopher Grove

As a Walnut Creek native and a graduate from the Acalanes Union High School District, I will bring passion for equity and a familiarity with the community to the district. With schools across the nation undergoing drastic change in methods of teaching and learning, inequity in public schools is more obvious than ever. This is our opportunity as a community to re-envision what education can look like and how we can better serve our scholars and families, especially those who have not been given voices in the past. We need to use this moment of today to imagine a better and more inclusive education for tomorrow.